Zigma SHR

Working principle of Super hair removal

Optimal wavelength, Obvious effect : Zigma SHR adopts optimal wavelength of hair reduction at 650-950nm. It not only reduces pain but also penetrates deep into dermis and subcutaneous tissue. In addition, it acts on different parts and remove hair very fast from the body.

Best frequency, Virtually painless hair removal: The effect of pulse time needed for hair removal is related to hair thickness and skin color, its pulse width is from1mm to15mm, frequency is 1-10Hz, treatment time is 1-30ms.

Deep penetration, Eliminate hyperpigmentation: Traditional laser hair reduction could cause pigmentation, skin appeares inflated after hair reduction. However, because of the penetration depth of Zigma SHR, skin can absorb less energy, which will ensure less pigmentation.

Unique cooling technique, Safety and Pain-free: Specialized design of cold compress head, cooling treatment part before treatment, makes local epidermis cool to 0ºC to -5ºC, by doing this, it protects normal skin and avoids thermal injury and reduces pain during treatment.

Indications :

Hair removal in cheek, beard area, neck, back, chest, armpit, arm, bikini, leg.

Specifications :