Akira VJ
Q Switched NdYag Laser


Endogenous pigment : Nevus of Ota, Coffee spot, Age pigment, Freckle removal, Skin Rejuvenation
Exogenous pigment : Tattoo of body, Eyeliner and Eye brow.


Mini and Smart design Aiming Beam for easier and precise treatment

Technical Specification

Wavelength : 1064/532nm
Power : 1200W
Joint part : Adopts the most advanced (plug and play) joint part
Type of laser : Sapphire and ruby switch Q/KTP/YAG laser instrument
Pulse energy : 1600mJ
Instruction light : Infrared ray indicator
Width of pulse : 6ns
Frequency : 1 to 6 Hz
Spot diameter : 1-8mm
Cooling system : Wind + water, semiconductor
Machine Dimension : 52x39x37cm
Gross weight : 15kg
Voltage : 110/220V, 5A, 50Hzv