Multi Facial Analysis System


Images of the face with three different light source. Very high quality resolution image. Captured image can be processed. The image can be converted to a black & white picture. Comparitive image analysis can be done. Exact percentage of pore can be found. graphical Representation of different parameteres. Print out of images.

Analysis Procedure

  • Customer registration
  • Take a picture of front left or right side
  • Magnified picture observation, image processing
  • Select picture for analysis or compare analysis

  • face zone setting
  • Analysis result screen
    • Pore
    • Wrinkle
    • spots
    • Sebum
    • Porphyrin
    • Skin color and tone
  • Face analysis history
  • Comparison analysis history

Janus specification :

1.Digital Camera Mega pixels DSLR camera
2. Lens Canon DSLR camera Lens
3.Light Source : Normal Light Source Polarized Light Source Ultra Violet Light Source
4.Computer interface : USB Interface
5.Input power : AC 100V- AC220V

Computer specification :

Processor : 2.4 GHZ or above
Hard disc : 40GB or above
USB : 1 GB or above
Monitor : 17" (1280 x 1024)
Operating system : Windows XP