New Highfu

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System


Remove wrinkles around forehead, eyes and lip. Lift and tighten the cheek, Improve skin elasticity and the tightness of the outline. Improve the chin outline, reduce Marionette lines. Tighten the forehead skin. Uplift the eyebrow line. Improve skin, make it fine and smooth. Combine with aesthetic injection such as Hyaluronic acid to more aging problems. Removes wrinkle, prevent neck from aging.


Clinically Proven * Safe and Effective * Cost Effective * Alternative to a Surgical Face Lift * No Need for Anaesthesia or Sedation * No Incisions of Risk of Infection * No downtime * Comfortable and Painless Treatments * Results can be seen after just one treatment * Results can last for 2 years plus.


Any area of the body for hair removal, such as hairline, hair around lip area, beard, armpit, arms, legs, breast and bikini area.

Technical Specifications